Friday, February 19, 2016

Should I Have Turned the Worm?

A few weeks ago as I rushed out of the house to catch the bus to work, I noticed a worm sitting on the brick path between the two grassy parts of the garden. I wondered if I should move it to the grass, and ran on. When I came home, I saw that the worm had been squashed and killed on the path. Don't laugh - I felt guilty.

Today there was a worm on the path just in front of the main door. I decided that if it stayed there someone would certainly squish it, and so I moved it to the grass. Now I'm wondering - why did the worm cross the road (path)? Have I just undone two-thirds of its life's work? Did I place it on the side to which it was heading, or the side whence it came?

Some people say I think too much. Perhaps. Shabbat shalom!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Beloved Dog: A Short Film by Alex Kalman

I love Maira Kalman. If you've never heard of her, or if you have but your boat is not floated by her work, yet you are a dog lover, then this film is also for you. Enjoy!

Thanks for the Update Mr Fry

Stephen Fry in Look Look by Michael Frayn 1990 (photo:  Ariel J Friedlander)
For those of us who were concerned by the announcement that Mr Stephen Fry was planning to quit these shores for a California dream after having had enough (again) of Twitter trolls, I am pleased to share a message from his blog yesterday:

Yesterday and today I have been bombarded by texts and emails asking me why I am leaving Britain to go in live in America. This caught me not a little by surprise, since I have no plans at all to swap the UK for the US.


Showing Iry the Ropes (& Chains)

er, you've got a bit of a thing ...

I asked Iry for the name of an artist she admires. She said "Tracy Emin". Not my cup of tea, but this post is not for me. So here's a bit of Tracy for Iry:

and for me? The source of the title comment, i.e., Rowan Atkinson's sketch when he was the devil welcoming people to hell. It's the original version, so only audio I'm afraid.