Saturday, April 09, 2016

Farewell For This Season

The last two home games of the season for QPR should have no influence on this season's achievements for either the home or the away team. I will not be able to attend (see Chris if you'd like my ticket), so today's game vs Charlton was my last. Gosh it wasn't a very good game. We seemed to lack impetus, and after they equalised we collapsed into the centre and left both flanks open again and again. Luckily for us, Charlton could not capitalise on their many opportunities, and the game ended with this dramatic winner by Abdelnasser El Khayati in the final minute of time added on. Hurrah! A la prossima!

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Another Rainbow

The other end of a Finchley rainbow this afternoon

I don't remember seeing two rainbows within a week ever before. I got caught in a massive shower that completely soaked me during the short walk from the bus stop to the front door, but when I looked out from my balcony from beneath a towel, I saw blue sky next to the clouds. Could it be? Yes it could! Once again, something good after a rotten day. Thank you!

Monday, April 04, 2016


Last vestige of the rainbow over North Finchley this afternoon
I know it seems away with the fairies, but rainbows really do make me happy. There is something about the vivid colours in the sky just after the dark of a rainstorm that is simply joyous.

There's a moment between the rain and the sun that, if you notice it, you know you must look for the rainbow. I had an inkling on the #460 bus, but couldn't see enough of the sky until I got out at my stop. Then I searched the horizon and eccolo! I was so happy that I looked around to find someone with whom to share the sight, and accosted some poor lady crossing the road. Luckily she smiled, and agreed on the beauty of the view before continuing her journey. It was only then that I thought to take the photo above.

Rainbow :-)

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Women's Football

Jess Clarke takes a penalty for Notts County after extra-time in the FA Cup quarter-final at Arsenal
What a pleasant afternoon I had today. Popped up to Borehamwood on the train. Paid £6 at the gate to get in (I was one of 709 people who attended the match). Excellent value - an FA Cup quarter-final with extra-time and penalties. Standing terraces at each end. I was able to wander round a bit to get the best view. Fiercely contested game with several goals (2-2 at full-time) and a sending-off, but no rolling around or crying for fouls (although there were a few words with the ref regarding some pretty stonewall penalty shouts). My camera really isn't designed for sport, but seeing what I can do with it helps me get to know it better. Am looking forward to the next time!

Sari van Veenendaal saves the first Notts penalty, helping Arsenal to a 4-3 win