Wednesday, January 04, 2006

it aint what you do, it's the way that you do it?

gosh but learning how the real world works and accepting what you have to do to survive is an enervating experience. every job has special people to whom special attention must be paid, and despite my pretensions of socialism i am not special enough to avoid such tasks. it would be nice to be able to afford integrity, but like brecht said - erst muss man essen, dann kommt die morale (hoping i spelled that correctly). first, you gotta eat! unless you are on the south beach diet of course :-) am a bit looser about the interpretation of the diet, but seem to have lost a bit and kept my sugars down. will find out more next week after check-up. meanwhile, everyone at work today said - my you do look *pause* well. or - wow you look *pause* healthy. i love that pause - the gosh-you're-not-such-a-fat-blob-anymore pause. go south beach!

the medical miracle of the week, however, is the first cure for hiccups that i have ever tried that actually worked. it is my great pleasure to share it with you now: d told me to hold my breath and swallow three times while i was holding my breath. not as easy as it sounded, but when i did it, away the hiccups went! and then today, a student was hiccupping in my class, and when she tried the cure it worked for her also. i am thrilled and delighted.

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