Tuesday, November 04, 2008

the power of music

the ravaj lives in one of those old family houses that the landlord has converted into 5 apartments that usually each have at least a couple of people within them. thus our population is dense. most of the time we live together in peace. however, a recent addition to our community has become somewhat of a problem. the poor man is guardian to a surly teenage boy and a bouncing four-year-old girl. for respite, he likes to sit on the porch with his buddies, have a smoke, and be very very loud! this would not be so bad except that he places his chair about 6 inches from the bed of the ravaj on the other side of the window. the neighbourly relationship is a little tense, since she recently had the temerity to ask if he might move his chair to the other side of the porch and he let loose a tirade of angry curses and insults. today is supposed to be a day of change, and it may take place on our porch at least. the ravaj decided since words did not help (and frankly she is scared excrementless to try again), perhaps music might be the solution. thus it was that this evening, when the gang gathered around 9 pm for a noisy political discussion outside, the sound of beethoven's 9th was introduced on the inside. loudly. by the end of the first movement, the porch was empty. next time, we are hoping to stage a live performance of the 1812 overture in our living room.

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