Sunday, March 01, 2009

Angel Pagan

Yes, folks, baseball spring training has begun and thus my reader who doesn't find sport very interesting is already reading her next e-mail. However, since QPR-related posts have been few and far between (I am trying not to dwell on negative things), I feel no guilt. In any case, I just came upon the following quote by the manager of the Mets in the NY Times today:

"Ángel Pagán continued an impressive start to spring training by going 2 for 4 in the leadoff spot and improving his Grapefruit League batting average to .500. “He’s a guy that you have to consider very strongly,” Jerry Manuel said"

and I thought, what a brilliant name for a baseball player. If he makes the team, I do hope the sub-editors are imaginative with their headlines.

PS If anyone happens to remember that I referenced Pagan on a previous blog about 10 months ago, do let me know, and I shall send you an excuse. If not, as you were.

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