Thursday, May 07, 2009

More About Gloating

Just to tell you that the great and influential gloaters in the life of the ravaj appear in Rudyard Kipling's book "Stalky & Co." viz:

"Fids! Fids! Oh, Fids! I gloat! Hear me gloat!" They spun wildly on their heels, jodeling after the accepted manner of a "gloat," which is not unremotely allied to the primitive man's song of triumph,

"_Ti-ra-ra-la-i-tu_! I gloat! Hear me!" Stalky, still on his heels, whirled like a dancing dervish to the dining-hall.

"_Ti-ra-la-la-i-tu_! I gloat! Hear me!" Beetle spun behind him with outstretched arms.

"_Ti-ra-la-la-i-tu_! I gloat! Hear me!" McTurk's voice cracked."

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