Friday, June 05, 2009

tickling a gorilla

Scientists tell us this week that tickling a gorilla makes him/her laugh much as it would a human. It sounds different only because our vocal chords developed differently. Have a look at the vid - maybe it will cheer you up too.


  1. Anonymous2:22 am

    actually it's too bad to say,
    gorilla is better than human in general. what i feel when i see gorilla's pic, it's too bad.

    some humen are really terrible.
    i mean evil.

    but of course in general,
    lot of angel people out there,
    so we happy to face them.

    somehow..why gorilla? today?
    partly like 45%,
    you hit my mind.

  2. Anonymous12:46 am

    i think im right.,28804,1901188_1901207,00.html

    look at this.

    i thought they're gonna bother.
    it's like fire, some people use it for cook and others use it different way.

  3. Anonymous12:48 am

    o, it cut out.
    it 'the future of twitter'
    by 24/7 wallstreet journal?

  4. Anonymous7:43 pm

    ah. it's ..