Thursday, August 12, 2010

The New Football Season Begins

You gotta feel sorry for poor old Robert Green, the hapless goalie whose blunder allowed the USA to draw with England in the World Cup in South Africa (remember that?). Or do you? I am a QPR fan and they were stuffed at home by a 4th division team in the Carling Cup this week. Robert Green should jolly well feel sorry for me! Nevertheless, when I saw this headline:

"West Ham team-mates give Robert Green abuse to prepare him for England backlash"

I felt a momentary pang of sympathy. Then it passed, and as I read on:

"West Ham expect Green to become a target and they along with players have been hurling insults at him in training so that he is accustomed to it come the opening of the Premier League campaign"

I thought - what a great excuse for abusing someone at work! Y'know ... the group at your presentation is a really tough one, so let me help you while you rehearse ... what a stinking load of excrement, etc! Then I realised that this was right out of an old Dilbert strip. O well ...

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