Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Thought for the New Year

Jews throughout the world are preparing to observe and celebrate the festival of Rosh Hashana. It is a time when family members come together. It is a time when attendance at religious services increases. We read the old words and sing hymns old and new. It is, however, difficult for so many of us to feel that we are praying with sincerity. In response to this feeling, here are 2 quotes:

"How do I learn to pray? There is really only one answer: pray! Pray other people's prayers. You will appropriate them to yourself by using them and pouring your own personality into them. Do not wait until you 'feel like' praying, or until you know how to pray. You never will." (R. Steven S Schwarzschild)

"Prayer cannot mend a broken bridge, rebuild a ruined city, or bring water back to parched fields. But prayer can mend a broken heart, lift up a discouraged soul, and strengthen a weakened will." (Ferdinand M Isserman)

Wishing us all a year of health and fulfillment.
Shana Tova!

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