Monday, September 30, 2013

Uncertainty and Joy

Behold Charlie Austin scoring the first goal for QPR last Saturday against Middlesborough from the penalty spot. The game ended 2-0 and QPR remain in first position of the Championship. We have equalled a record for consecutive clean sheets (er, if you are a footy novice and still actually reading this then a 'clean sheet' is a euphemism for not letting any goals in during a game :-)  ), and continue to succeed while appearing to still have much potential yet to be fulfilled. Hurrah! Yet, especially after the dire experience of last season when we played so badly and lost so often, I am finding it difficult to enjoy the current achievements. Except for this moment:

which was quite enjoyable, I spend the rest of the time waiting for our opponents to take advantage of our myriad mistakes. I am afraid to jinx it all by believing in it. I'm afraid of feeling foolish and humiliated when it all goes pear-shaped.


And yet every fan will know and understand this anxiety. Now pardon me while I go fold my lucky shirt that won't be washed again until we lose ...

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