Saturday, October 05, 2013

Record Breakers

QPR keeper Rob Green is the main focus of the record his team broke today - 8 consecutive games without conceding a goal. The previous record was set in 1967, when the goalie was Peter Springett. Let the Brent & Kilburn Times tell the story.

The ravaj could get used to these winning ways. Today QPR players were kind enough to save the goalscoring until the second half when they were facing the Loft (where the home supporters sit). And Charlie Austin, despite my feeble taunts of "he scores one in ten shots" (well I just didn't agree with the Loft chant of "he scores when he wants" because he patently does not), celebrated his two goals (including another penalty kick) just about in front of us:

Here we see Joey Barton blessing the boot that kicked the ball so successfully. Apologies for the lack of focus - I was holding the camera above the heads of joyous dancing fans (and possibly swaying a little bit with joy myself). O what the heck, joy all around - here's Charlie jumping for joy after his second goal:

Congratulations gentlemen. Thanks for cheering me up at a difficult time. See you at the Burnley game. #COYRS

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