Sunday, October 05, 2014

Photo of the Week: An Autograph? Feh!

Thanks to the kindness of an old friend who invited me to his book launch, I ended up sitting in the VIP section with him and behind this hero of my youth.

I've always been a bit proud of having noticed this chap at the beginning of his career with his hometown club of Leicester City.

Nevertheless, I've no idea whence came the chutzpah or the speed that fuelled my move to block his exit so I could ask for a quick selfie.

As my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now Blogger friends can see, I am delighted to share this moment with Mr Gary Lineker. It's a crap photo, and posterity may prefer an autograph, but this is not for my heirs. This reminds me of a happy moment during a great night.

Thank you DW (check out his book here).

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