Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cool David Bowie Tributes

When Elvis died there was no Internet. We read the newspapers and cut out the reports and obituaries. And we watched the news on TV. For a couple of days.

David Bowie has died. The first single I ever bought was Space Oddity (the second time round). I listen to at least one of his songs on the radio most days of the week. Everyone has such a lot to say about this death. What a lucky man, to be so loved and respected. How lucky we are, those of us who have enjoyed and will enjoy his work.

Here are a couple of photo tributes that caught my eye:

(What used to be called the) Hammersmith Odeon

The many incarnations of David Bowie from a Whovian perspective

kol hakavod to those who thought up this stunningly brilliant liturgical play on Lecha Dodi

Finally, he's just so charming when Jonathan Ross tries his best to get something juicy out of the interview:

With condolences to family and friends who knew and loved him, may his memory be a blessing.

PS  follow the link for Space Oddity for an unexpected treat
PPS Just seen link and wanted to share it with you all:


  1. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Cool! Though I didn t find the link for SO :-( no treat ... LiOr

  2. Hi LiOr
    If you click on Space Oddity at the top the link should work - I just tested it!