Monday, May 15, 2006

home sick

albert and kitaj painting
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small person across the table from me during barmitzvah lesson coughing and spluttering. later i ask his mother how he is and she tells me he's missed 2 days of school. 2 days later i start coughing and spluttering. i cancel my barmitzvah lessons because the parents don't want me coughing and spluttering across the table the week before the barmitzvah.

i'm at the part of being sick when i am no longer yoyoing between sleep and mildly dazed, but not yet strong enough to shower or screw the last difficult screws into the last ikea chair.

here is another lovely picture of albert. the painting is by r. b. kitaj. this photo is taken at the gallery where a number of kitajs were being exhibited. the painting was sold for 80,000 dollars or pounds (sorry, i have a sudafed memory today) and my father went over to the desk to ask who bought it. they would not tell him, and asked why he wanted to know. he said to them that if this person was willing to pay that much for a painting of him, he'd be happy to go over and stand in their house himself!

time for another boots sugar-free blackcurrant cough pastille ...

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