Wednesday, May 10, 2006

keeping the plates spinning

when i was little, i used to watch a tv show called 'blue peter'. it had everything on it from collecting milk bottle tops in order to get a guide dog for the blind, to visiting ceylon with hrh princess anne on behalf of save the children fund. it showed you how to make a gift out of egg-cartons, paint and some tissue paper; and lit an advent crown each week before xmas. nice and english all that. i mention it because i remember seeing them present the world record attempt for the greatest number of plates that could be kept spinning simultaneously on a stick. the guy had to keep running around and touching up the ones that were slowing down, otherwise they would fall off and smash.

nu - in which order do you decide which plates to attend to?

work, and different issues within it?
personal health & fitness?
relationships near and far?

this week it has become clear to me (for this week at least) that the most important thing upon which i should concentrate is how to let nasty behaviour to me by others affect me like water off a duck's back (thank you labensons).

the problem is that, while my brain knows this, the reality gap between it and my feelings is wide.

w i d e

end of musing - have to get back to work

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