Wednesday, July 05, 2006

what has it got in its pocketses?

well, if you actually want to know that, the answer right now is since i am wearing girly shorts i have no back pockets and small ones in front so not very much. i vaguely remember but cannot swear to reading in a charlotte perkins gilman book that women will only truly be emancipated when they have pockets in their clothing. and that was written less than 100 years ago.

i was, however, planning to write down a list of what i have in the boot of my car. or at least some of the things ... some may be too embarrassing ...

how about this: 10 things i have in the boot of my car by ravaj

1. toilet paper

2. portable plastic fold-up captain's chair that cost $7 and has a pocket to put your cup in

3. emergency work shoes with heels and pointy toes

4. shiva bag with prayerbooks and kippot

5. ugly horrible mug that i cannot throw out because it was a gift from a congregant but i just cannot bear for it to touch my lips

6. snow brush that i bought in canada and did not get to use until i got to virginia 2 years later

7. random coat hangers (metal)

8. nottinghamshire county cricket club seat cushion (needs new duct tape)

9. batting gloves (from my 3-game career in women's softball)

10. something dark and gooey-looking in the far corner just beyond my reach

utter trivia - just right for my mood. we are not mentioning the world cup (nor the fact that each team i root for seems to go out immediately: england, brazil, germany. nevertheless arse/france must beat portugal and then i don't care any more.). poor gilad shalit is in my heart but what is going on over there is too distressing to think about tonight; as are spanish trains crashing, north korean weapons tests, space shuttles, dubya telling the troops they will continue to fight so that over 2500 deaths will not have been in vain (?????) ... too much to get my head round.

so, nu ... what's your favourite list?

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