Tuesday, July 11, 2006

where have all my cousins gone?

i have a little time on my hands for the next few days, and so i have decided to declare officially that my dabbling in researching my family tree is now my hobby. i haven't had a hobby for a long time. this is something from which not only do i derive great pleasure, but also it has no calories whatsoever.

a couple of years ago i did quite well with the hoschander family from my father's mother's side (except for one guy in london who probably thinks i am stalking him but all i want is to see if we have any shared past).

now i am looking at my mother's father's family. it takes time, but i find it so exciting when i get a lead.

i was wondering why i am so drawn to this?

first of all, i think the detective work is appealing ... and the idea that with a methodical approach one may build the picture. there is no fantasy here, except perhaps that coming from such a small family i am somehow building it up if only on paper.

o, that was the second thing! the relatives that were cut down by nazi evil, and those that therefore never got to exist ... i want to know who they were, or at least where they were born and lived.

i know that birth families are not necessarily the most nurturing kind, and that we may create our own. there is a lot that i know, and of course much more that i do not. this has more, however, to do with feelings, i think :-)

since i am unlikely ever to become a parent, (i know i know but time marches on etc.) and am currently denied access to my niece, i wonder who will remember me in the following generations. egotistical perhaps, but i feel sad about it. nu - maybe part of the finding family members is so i can remember them and thus also have a little hope that i may one day be remembered also even if only for being a girl with a boy's name.

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