Tuesday, August 15, 2006

treppenwitz today

a snippet of a long expression of his beliefs and feelings:

"The world is making a horrible mistake by imposing a cease-fire on Israel in its war on Hezbollah. This shameful document grants a terrorist organization legal status and standing in the international arena and fails to punish the states who sponsor it (Syria and Iran)... or hold accountable the country (Lebanon) that allows it to dominate its political life and government.

This cease fire denies Israel (and every other civilized country) the right to defend internationally recognized borders, and in fact calls into question the very concept of internationally recognized borders!!! Quite simply, this cease fire resolution codifies in black and white that aggression is the new diplomacy and everything is ultimately negotiable."

is asking 'how can we be safe and not kill anyone to stay safe?' such a naive question?

there are no rockets coursing through the sky on a trajectory that will bring them near or to my home - it is easy for me to cry out for peace. have no doubt about it, that is what i wish for. please, however, show me the alternative to standing firm at the last line drawn after line after line has been stepped over.

the other day, i went to buy munchies before getting on the train to penn station. there was a handwritten sign on the counter saying 'back in a few minutes'. as i went back out of the waiting room i looked to my left, and saw the guy behind the counter on his knees on a prayer mat. i admired him for his devotion. i don't hate him, and presume he does not hate me. i figure he is just like my father, coming to the usa to make a better life and to live in religious freedom.

meanwhile, i need to buy a transatlantic plane ticket, and am excrement-scared of being blown up in the air. d. says she won't be surprised if suicide bombers start on restaurants and other public places in nyc like they do in tel aviv, etc. is this the price a liberal must pay for believing peace is possible? is it better to die than fight back? i just don't know ...

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