Thursday, October 26, 2006

south beach part deux

o yes d & i started the south beach diet again yesterday. o the desire! o the pain! o the struggle! am currently fighting my cravings by watching old ofra haza videos on youtube.

i am drooling a lot also, although i suspect that is from the fits-all-sizes tray with which i am trying to whiten my teeth.

it is, however, hard not to drool, even if only metaphorically. walking through the supermarket yesterday, buying only permitted foods, items on the shelf called out to me ... 'pick me! eat me! you know you want to!!' honestly, i had to go and stare at the meat counter for a few minutes to calm down. today is the second day of the beginning and brutal two-week phase. am trying to lust after ofra rather than bananas but not doing too well. send 'celery is cool' thoughts (and dental floss)

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