Sunday, October 22, 2006

happy families

stonehenge - the good old days
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here's a sweepingly generalised question: are there any happy families any more?

i suppose i should go back to my own archives re the discussion on the nature of happiness.

ok - how about: where are the emotionally healthy families?

look at the cheerful children in the photo. they may even be holding hands. they have just been adding their footprints to all the others way way back to the original druids. they look like they are having a fun day. 37 years later they are both miserable, lonely and chronically ill.

perhaps in the end the question should be more along the lines of: where do we find hope?

my first thought? babies and children. being with them how can i not want to do everything i can to help make sure they are safe and well?

and if you don't have one of these little elves? i know there are millions of children in need - it is just a bit harder to make that gut connection that comes from holding one in your arms.

in any case, googled 'child poverty and hunger' and saw this re the hits:

about 5,030,000 for child poverty and hunger. (0.58 seconds)

see the page here

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