Saturday, November 25, 2006

not the best sporting weekend so far

piglet in sydney harbour
Originally uploaded by ravaj.
alas, qpr just went down 0-1 at home to coventry, and piglet has a better chance of succeeding in australia than the england cricketers.

all of this seems strangely far away as i sit in an office in a small wisconsin town. it is rather warm here, although they threaten snow on thursday. everything in this neighbourhood is quite charming - the sun shines on myriad protestant churches built of light-coloured stones, and there are no people of colour or anybody who may be poor to be seen on these streets. actually there are no people on the streets at all at the moment, probably because they are all circling the mall trying to find parking places.

piglet will visit chicago for a few days next week, where he hopes to discover the truth about mrs o'leary's cow, and pursue his interest in sumo wrestling.

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