Thursday, November 16, 2006

thursday thirteen meme

Thirteen Things about ravaj

1…. The hospital I was born in was pulled down a few weeks later.
2.... I am a lifelong fan of Queens Park Rangers FC
3.... I had Lulu's autograph but I lost it
4.... If I had a spirit guide I think it would be a panda bear
5.... The last book I read was "Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident"
6.... I'm a Reform Jew
7.... I hate chewing gum
8.... I wish i knew how to quilt, and am saving my favourite t-shirts in case I ever learn
9.... My favourite singer of all-time is Ella Fitzgerald
10... I love the taste of dill
11... I'm currently taking part in the National Novel Writing Month
12... I'm waaaaay behind in my novel writing
13... I'm not afraid of spiders

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  1. The color is so light that I am having a hard time reading your Thirteen. :-(