Thursday, October 18, 2007

deborah kerr r.i.p.

where have i been for the last 24 hours? how could i have missed the news that deborah kerr is dead? ok she was 86 and had parkinsons and has not been seen much in public for years. nevertheless, she has always been one of my favourite actresses. she was beautiful, and even though it was everything to which a nice jewish girl like me could never aspire, still i loved her. the films that most people remember - the king and i, an affair to remember, from here to eternity - were great. i think, though, that one of my favourites has to be black narcissus. the descent of the other nun into madness terrifies me yet. i also loved all three of her in the life and death of colonel blimp. hollywood saw her as the epitome of an elegant englishwoman. in an interview during her latter years she noted that she most probably survived because she never took being a star too seriously. now i must go and dig out my dvd of 'a woman of substance', that best of the eighties' mini-series. it's going to be an emma harte weekend!

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