Tuesday, October 02, 2007

the pain of loving qpr

gareth ainsworth at the end of the debacle

ok, so we were stuffed 1-5 on national television and the next morning our manager got the sack. lots of logistics and practicalities and cetera. look in gazza's eyes. he tried as hard as he could. he got our goal. but we are pants right now and there is nothing we can do about it. when people like ainsworth are playing in the team, defeat is not so terrible. nobody can do more than their best. what is sickening is when it looks like the players are just a bunch of journeymen pocketing their wages and turning up and that's about all. but in most sports you can't sack the players for not doing a good job. unlike the real world.

yes it's only a game and in the real world etc etc. i think, though, if you are a fan, it is part of your real world. i think of my friend techie, and her husband and kids, and the amount of money they spend on travelling and tickets every year not to mention shirts and programmes and other souvenirs. and there is also the time they invest in this passion. they're not rich. and they deserve better.

36 years i've been a qpr supporter. none of this manure or chelski business. wet wednesday nights in stockport and a coach-ride home in the wee hours discussing what went wrong. relegation, and more relegation. massive amounts of money wasted on useless players. there are also wegerle wonder goals at elland road, and beating liverpool at anfield, manure at old trafford, chelski 6-0 one sunny easter monday. hard to remember all that at the moment, though. once the numbness wears off, it is going to hurt.

is this anything like being a chicago cubs fan?

time for me to get back to my homework ...

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