Sunday, March 09, 2008

joshua nelson rocks!

joshua nelson at temple sinai in sharon last night

as i may have said before, there is nothing better than hearing a live performance of music that you really like. it was not so long ago that i heard some interesting sounds coming from the kindergarten classroom. i heard jewish liturgical music being sung in a black gospel style. and i loved it! and i borrowed the cd!! then, whaddya know, i was invited by some kind and lovely people to join them down in sharon. joshua nelson, an african-american jew, who last night compared jeff klepper and debbie friedman to harry belafonte and mahalia jackson in terms of their musical influence on their communities, was live in concert as part of temple sinai's 50th anniversary celebrations. (sorry, that was a terribly constructed sentence. am a bit tired) although it was really hard for we yekkie jews to loosen up and dance, i found the music uplifting. afterwards i had to run away because the dessert in the social hall had too many tasty and evil sweet things. i just had time, though, to take this pic:

josh nelson and friend

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