Saturday, March 22, 2008

what about a bit o' cricket?

r j sidebottom celebrates

a strange-looking man, perhaps. he is celebrating great success in a game that most people i know not only say they do not understand, but also believe that they never will understand. ryan sidebottom has just taken 7 wickets in the first innings of the deciding test match against new zealand, thus bringing england back into the game (if their batsmen do not blow it).

i can try to translate, e.g., the pitcher has got 7 outs. there are only two innings each in the game, and you have to make 10 outs to end the innings. you score runs to win. the team with the most will claim victory. this part is easy. it is only when you start trying to explain that there are two people batting together and they both have to run to score a run, well that is where the trouble starts. suffice it to say that for an england fan, ryan did good today, and that makes us happy. even if he would look so much better with a haircut. but then so would i :-) goodnight all.

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  1. I am a divorced lady but one thing I hae to thank my ex for is he introduced me to the most wonderful game in the world, cricket. My two daughters spent an awful lot of their childhood watching test matches with me on tv and I think it stood them in good stead as they learned to sit still, watch and concentrate. My elder daughter went to Uni and sitting up one night to watch the cricket on Sky from Oz impressed all the lads with her learned discourse on field placings, bowling action and past matches. Her street cred was very high - she now lives in Leeds and nips along to Headingly when the Test is up there. Delighted to hear that Ryan S has just cleaned up again today.