Monday, August 25, 2008

the return of piglet

captain piglet of the mayflower

we went to see plymouth rock, but it was under construction, surrounded by a wire and plastic fence. thus it was that we made our way through the sunday afternoon crowds, past the carousel and on board the replica of the mayflower. despite a terrible tribute band blasting out 'billie jean' on the dock, we explored the decks of the ship. i was asked whence i came by one of the pilgrims, and told him london. 'within the walls or without?' he asked. 'without,' i replied. 'then you're not really from london, are you?' he said. damn, they got me again - i had the same conversation with mistress brewster when she visited our school last year. we then had a lovely chat about religious tolerance in seventeenth century holland. luckily i'd had to teach it to the third and fourth graders in the spring :-)


  1. Anonymous5:23 pm

    i like captain piglet pic.

    it feels..(^-^)
    i like it.

    thanks for your post.
    do you really have the piglet?
    i mean real doll?

  2. piglet is totally real, not photoshopped or anything like that. he used to belong to my father, and i inherited him. he is about 4 inches tall. i don't know how many centimetres that would be.