Monday, August 11, 2008

two goals for one-size

so the season began and i said nothing about it? or maybe i was overcome by the magnitude of two wins in a row. sorry auntie d. and others not into my particular sport fixations. while you should be glad to know that considering the poor performances by the yankees recently, they are less likely to be featured on these pages; at the same time it is the new season and association football is my great love. prepare, therefore, to skip the soccer stories for a while. i understand. really, i do.

meanwhile, here are some pics via action images of the first goal by fitz and his response. nb quite a good nickname i think - he is called fitz hall, and nicknamed one-size. i like it. much better than lee cook's nickname, i.e., cookie; martin rowlands, i.e., rowly; and (why i just do not know) patrick agyemang who is called by many 'dave'. anyway, o frabjous day, etc ...

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