Saturday, April 03, 2010

The New Doctor Who

We have to admit that we were a bit worried about finally seeing the first ep of the new Doctor Who this evening. The BBC had hyped it up so much, and we were still pining for the Tennant; so the possibility of great disappointment seemed imminent. All I can say is that at the end of the show, the world's greatest DT fan sitting next to me said that Matt Smith wasn't that bad ... and the companion had great potential! Other early reviews:

"To millions of fanatical fans, changing the Time Lord is far more important than changing the Prime Minister. Parliaments are temporary… the universe goes on forever. So the good news is… you can all relax. After a fine performance in an encouragingly expensive and slick special- effects packed opening salvo, it’s crystal clear that Mr Smith is certain to be a sensation. The Beeb’s best franchise is in safe hands. Phew!"
The Mirror

"Essentially, the Doctor is meant to be a mad alien, and Smith looks like one before he even opens his mouth. By the end of episode one he was bedizened in a suitably daft public-school geography-teacher ensemble of bow tie and tweed jacket. It was ridiculous but it felt right: mad, alien, brand new but very old. A+ to the casting director. A+ to Smith."
The Telegraph

See? Not a spoiler in sight!

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