Monday, April 26, 2010

Where Did Thursday Thirteen Go?

My old friend Thursday Thirteen seems to have disappeared, although some of the old gang may be found around here. I fell asleep thinking about one the other night, and since I will soon forget it since I cannot seem to remember any ideas by the morning, I shall do it now. So here we have my latest (not) Thursday 13:


1. Augustus Caesar
The obvious one. Here are a couple of things he is reputed to have said.

2. Augustus Sans Serif
If you are into fonts, have a look at this.

3. Augustus Who Would Not Eat His Soup
Although the original German story from 'Der Struwelpeter' tells of Suppen Kaspar, the English translation describes the demise of Augustus. To hear it told to you right now click here.

4. Augustus Egg
Here is the way to all you may ever wish to know about the nineteenth-century painter with the fabulous name.

5. Agaricus Augustus
What might this be? I had no idea, and was pleasantly surprised by this picture.

6. Augustus Jackson
This Augustus was an African-American credited with an important place in the history of ice-cream. Go here, and click on his name for more. Safe for diabetics.

7. Fort Augustus
For your next expedition to find Nessie, why not make your base camp in this historic town by the loch.

8. Augustus de Morgan
He was a famous British mathematician and logician. Famous at least in the world of mathematics. Sadly, words like 'trigonometry' or 'differential calculus' do not compute in my brain. Far be it from me, however, to deny you anything actually so have a look at this.

9. The Augustus Society
This group preserves and promotes a positive image of Italian-Americans in Clark County, Nevada.

10. Augustus John
Here is a brief biography of the (mostly) twentieth-century portrait painter. Famous also for his multitudinous affairs, apparently his illegitimate children were referred to as 'Johnlets".

11. Charles Augustus Lindbergh
That's it. The middle name of the famous aviator. As it was for his father, and his poor first son.

12. Seimone Augustus
An Olympic basketball gold medal-winning female Augustus! Read about her here.

13. Augustus Gloop
The one you've all been waiting for! No? O well, the demise of the chocolate guzzler in Willy Wonka's factory may be viewed here.

I had wanted to include Gus the Theatre Cat, but it turns out that 'Gus' is short for 'Asparagus'. *sigh*

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