Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quote of the Week 2

An excerpt from the latest volume of Shirley MacLaine's autobiography:

"An actress needs to know where to sit. If it’s daytime, you should sit facing the outside light. Natural light is flattering for the skin, as long as it’s not direct sunlight.

Never sit where there is an overhead light — it makes you look like Grandma Moses.

The actress Marlene Dietrich taught me how to light myself when we made the film 80 Days.

She also taught me a new use for small pearls — putting them in the centre of my bra cups so they looked like nipples.

Marlene also showed me how to string a small, nearly invisible chain under my chin which was then attached to hair-grips on either side of my face. This was the Dietrich facelift. I had a headache by lunchtime, but it was worth it."

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