Monday, April 04, 2016


Last vestige of the rainbow over North Finchley this afternoon
I know it seems away with the fairies, but rainbows really do make me happy. There is something about the vivid colours in the sky just after the dark of a rainstorm that is simply joyous.

There's a moment between the rain and the sun that, if you notice it, you know you must look for the rainbow. I had an inkling on the #460 bus, but couldn't see enough of the sky until I got out at my stop. Then I searched the horizon and eccolo! I was so happy that I looked around to find someone with whom to share the sight, and accosted some poor lady crossing the road. Luckily she smiled, and agreed on the beauty of the view before continuing her journey. It was only then that I thought to take the photo above.

Rainbow :-)

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  1. Anonymous2:06 am

    Sometimes we need to be away with the fairies! Well done for catching the eye of the lady in the street!
    To me, the contrast in your photo between the lightness of the rainbow, the delicate branches reaching out and the heaviness of the building speaks about the various elements in nature. Did you know that the imaginary line in which the Chakras are put in order is called "the rainbow bridge"? :-) Lior