Sunday, April 03, 2016

Women's Football

Jess Clarke takes a penalty for Notts County after extra-time in the FA Cup quarter-final at Arsenal
What a pleasant afternoon I had today. Popped up to Borehamwood on the train. Paid £6 at the gate to get in (I was one of 709 people who attended the match). Excellent value - an FA Cup quarter-final with extra-time and penalties. Standing terraces at each end. I was able to wander round a bit to get the best view. Fiercely contested game with several goals (2-2 at full-time) and a sending-off, but no rolling around or crying for fouls (although there were a few words with the ref regarding some pretty stonewall penalty shouts). My camera really isn't designed for sport, but seeing what I can do with it helps me get to know it better. Am looking forward to the next time!

Sari van Veenendaal saves the first Notts penalty, helping Arsenal to a 4-3 win

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