Sunday, September 03, 2006

happy b-day part deux

piglet waits for lindsey davenport
Originally uploaded by ravaj.
the good news was that the rain held off for the outdoor wedding i performed on thursday afternoon.

the bad news was that the rain arrived about twenty minutes after i did.

i sat under my brolly in the arthur ashe stadium, my best british bravado on display; and was rewarded with the brief sight of the players knocking up. lindsey davenport's outfit was scarlet on the jumbo screen above me, and rather more orange waaaaay down below. but the rain returned, and the women went back indoors. d. arrived a few minutes later, and we sat for a few minutes at the top of the bleachers before coming to our senses and, with one last look back (seen here), going back to the car and off for some dinner.

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