Tuesday, January 02, 2007

novocaine is cool

and the first exciting event of the gregorian new year was a visit to the dermatologist. as the direct progeny of two moley people, i am blessed with markings on my back that if you were to connect the dots you would discover a detailed map of a norwegian fjord. in any case, a mole in a visible and non-embarrassing place went funny the other day. having just watched an episode of 'bad girls' where one of the julies has a lump and doesn't want to deal with it and ends up having a mastectomy, i decided to make a call immediately to my gp for a referral. she took one look at it and told me she would be removing it right away. that's where the novocaine came in. i was a bit surprised, actually, since i have no teeth in my thigh, but after the initial stick, and the strong burning sensation, a lovely calm feeling came over my leg. i wished my whole body could feel like that :-)

the mole is gone, and in a week i shall know more about it. meanwhile, a little bit of austin powers and his need for novocaine when dealing with a mole ...

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