Friday, January 19, 2007

scottish football

checking out some dvds in the public library today in this small town on the north shore, i noticed that the lady behind the counter wasn't making eye contact. i asked her how she was doing and she said she was fine, still without looking at me. "looking forward to the weekend?" i asked.
"yes," she said. i asked her where her accent was from and she looked at me and said, "scotland".
"i know that," i said, "but which part?"
"greenock," she said.
"morton," i replied, and she came to life and we had a lovely chat about david beckham and other bits of world news.

i've always told my mother that knowing the names of obscure football teams can sometimes be rather useful :-)

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  1. Dave from Worcestershire12:16 pm

    Obscure teams?
    If anyone in Scotland sees this they may come and slap your legs!
    There is more to life than Celtic, Rangers and Man Utd etc.
    I support Kidderminster Harriers and am very proud.
    10 games since we lost a game-beat that Manchester United!