Wednesday, January 24, 2007

qpr r.i.p.

never felt so depressed about my team, at least not since the last time i never felt so depressed about them. they seem to be in freefall. last night they couldn't score in a house of ill-repute, not to mention in front of an open goal. they were lucky enough to be playing a team as bad as they are, yet still they lost. the winning goal, which led to a fourth-round tie on live tv and about 300,000 ukp sorely-needed revenue, was an own goal of course. a shot by luton heading wide, and our guy stuck out a boot and deflected it past his own keeper. i have no more lucky hats, shirts, socks, scarves or rituals. and yet, i still can't quite give up on them. as my sister often says - why couldn't our father have chosen a better team for our family to follow?! not the scum, obviously, but fulham, perhaps, if not a north london club?

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