Tuesday, August 28, 2007

o yes!

damon homers

it has been an horrific week in the news that i have read, and i've had little desire to post. a young boy in liverpool was gunned down in a car park. he was eleven, and the shooter probably not much older. many tributes to ray jones, the qpr lad who died in a car crash along with two friends. much talk about youth violence in britain and who is to blame. there are of course still soldiers in iraq & afghanistan, acute hunger and poverty across the world, disease and violence and misery and cetera. yet the story of one young person's life being cut off so brutally, so wastefully, this is what actually touches us.

so what on earth am i doing posting this under a picture of johnny damon scoring the runs that beat the red sox and stopped the recent yankees slide? i'm not sure. it certainly gave me a great moment of joy. tribute was paid to little rhys jones both by his beloved everton players, and last night at the liverpool match. on saturday all the qpr players will wear ray jones' name on their shirts, and his number 31 has been retired. nothing is fixed by such actions. yet for many people, there is something about sport, and about being a fan, that makes a safe place to express our feelings. so go yankees, and a curtain call for johnny damon:

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