Monday, August 13, 2007

xanadu, the musical

the evil women

last thursday for the first time i stood in the queue at the half-price ticket booth by times square. arriving about an hour before it opened, there were only a couple of hundred people ahead of me. we all checked with those around us which shows we were hoping for, and heard reviews from each other about shows already seen. by the time i reached the booth the choice i had that fit what was left of the choice we wanted was 'curtains', the spelling bee one, and 'xanadu'. there were seats for 'curtains', but they were rubbish, and there were really good seats for 'xanadu' but i was afraid it was rubbish. o the pressure at the ticket window with people all around utterly anxious and pushing and the booth man merciless tell me now which one where is your cash what is your choice make up your mind (chorus of people behind you yes make up your mind NOW) so i went for 'xanadu' because i loved the music and hoped for the best.

i was v. worried d. would not be happy about my choice.

d. did not stop laughing the whole way through. we were two rows from the stage right by the left-hand wall and could see the sweat but were just out of spitting range. it was excellent! well done ravaj. if i say so myself. go. see it. fun. funny. funnier if you remember roller discos and olivia newton-john.

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