Thursday, August 16, 2007

what about groucho?!

ok so there are vigils for the 30th anniversary of the death of elvis presley. it is hard for me to admit that i remember that week in 1977. of course i was practically an embryo in those days. i've been to graceland. i know the words to 'teddy bear'. but just three days after the unfortunate demise of the king, my absolute hero at that time also died.


if i could stay awake any longer, i'd light some candles (i have a few odd chanukah ones i've been saving for something), or at least recite some favourite lines.

here are the lyrics for "lydia the tattooed lady".

that's all i have to say. if you want to know more about him, google is the place to go.

ps one of the highlights of my recent visit to times square was finding a cd i've been seeking for many years - the music of 'a day in hollywood/a night in the ukraine'. i mentioned it some time ago upon the death of dick vosburgh. anyway, thank you to the man in the marriott who sent me to the colony music shop. the second half of the show is a musical version of 'the bear' by anton chekhov as sung by the marx brothers. am listening to it right now - "i'm samovar the lawyer!" :-)

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