Saturday, September 29, 2007

pictures from burma

i just watched this on ruth gledhill's blog, and brought it over here. she also has a news report showing the shooting of the japanese reporter, but i could not bear to share that. on the one hand, it is news that shows the outside world the kind of terrible things that are going on in that place at this moment. at the same time, it is the moment of somebody's death and just feels so invasive to me to see such a momentous event replayed from various angles.

btw, as ruth also reminds us, what is wrong with this picture: the prime minister stands up before the world to declare that the monks in burma deserve the right to freedom of speech. at the same time, all protests within one mile of parliament in london have been banned while it is sitting.

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  1. Hi there Ravaj,

    sorry to leave this here, but i found this comment of yours on the jewish myth blog:

    'last april i flew back to ny from london in a seat next to an interesting orthodox rabbi. he had just been to london to present his thesis to the dayanim there making a case that eastern medicine is not avodah zarah. his paper compared many practices with those of sages in the talmud. unfortunately, i only had time to read the first couple of chapters since he then decided to try and help me find myself.

    how are you, geoff?!'

    could you tell me the name of the Rabbi? i would very much like to get in contact with him.