Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hup holland!

wesley sneijder scores a stunning second goal

and the ravaj is back. a week or so of medical issues, and much personal experience of the variety of testing methods currently available to the medical community, and at last it is once again possible to post.

we begin with the european championships that do not include a british team. the ravaj has had a soft spot for the netherlands since the early seventies era of cruyff, rep, neeskens et al. she has thus chosen to follow them this year, and they began with a stunning 3-0 defeat of italy in the so-called group of death. it would have been even more exciting if she had managed to remain awake during the live presentation on espn but, alas, this was not to be.

these championships are played every four years. that means that it was almost exactly 4 years ago that the father of ravaj died. as you may recall, the last words she ever heard him say were: "the greeks have won!" since he was watching the final while she was talking to her mother on the phone. *sigh*

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