Wednesday, June 11, 2008

uncle barack's cabin?

outrage yesterday at this front cover picture from a german paper called 'die tageszeitung'. i found it in the times, here. read the comments for a spectrum of responses!

i have to admit that i am starting to become rather confused. when is it ok to say something and when not? who may say it and who may not? what counts as satirical, and when am i allowed to laugh?

i have not written about the end of hillary's campaign - too many others have already covered the plusses and minuses. i am very disappointed. i also listened to her speech and am following her wishes to transfer my support to the chosen democratic candidate. thus i now support senator obama. this means that i have to worry about fist-bumping, and possible videos of mrs o saying something politically incorrect, and other incredibly minutial occurrences that will be blown up into vote-denying importance.

meanwhile, the quest to find believable information continues.

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