Tuesday, June 10, 2008


as a first step back into the outside world, the ravaj accompanied her friends lily and eli to the cinematic performance of 'kung fu panda'. apart from the fact that she never wanted to leave the movie theatre ever again for the summer because of the wonderfully meat-freezer level of a/c within, she also has to admit that she really rather enjoyed the film. not a big contemporary cartoon fan (except maybe for 'dexter's laboratory'), she was delighted to see that this was quite beautifully drawn. the characters were ok - the scenery and backgrounds were stunning. and the panda ends up as a proper hero, so we all lived happily ever after for the rest of the day.

ps the image above is of a kung fu panda cake made specially for the hollywood opening of the movie. i include it because of the random connection that the guy who made it is the son of a woman who was married to her first husband by my friend r. steve!

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