Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If James Dean Had Lived

This is an ad for an investment company I think. Nevertheless I like what they have done. Have always been a big James Dean fan :-)


  1. Anonymous11:41 pm

    today's i did two stupid things to myself, so they make me really
    mad at myself but you know it's
    difficult to angry myself. how can
    i kick me?

    in the morning it was so beautiful day, and goes very nice until 3pm. and then suddenly my day goes crazy like hell, heaven, hell, heaven, what the...

    but you know what, the one stupid thing made me ran maha seven to home. im sure that if it was olympic,at least silver is mine.

    please god help me, never wanna
    make same mistakes again.

  2. Anonymous8:51 pm


    im not gonna stop by.

    i promise not gonna stop by
    your site and ds' anymore.
    so this is the deal.