Tuesday, September 15, 2009

People Can Be So Rude!

A mash-up of two notable interruptions that took place in the US this week - Joe Wilson heckling the President and Kanye West spoiling Taylor Swift's special moment at the VMA awards.


  1. Anonymous1:57 pm

    i'll comeback later
    will read. okay? ^^

    have a nice day.
    see you.

  2. Anonymous9:05 pm

    rude means..
    when people throw a shoe on a face,
    i think you're okay with that.

    besides the whole politic things,
    what about talking something cosy?

    today i was thinking about my special experience.
    i mean i was thinking about among
    the crowd who maybe pro designers or something else,

    how i loved you.
    it's past tense you get that.
    it's very special i mean love
    a person who work with. generally
    people dis****. you know.

    and i wish you loved me too.