Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's In a Name (2)?

Apparently Nigella Lawson's mother originally intended to name her 'Gondola'.

For this, and other tidbits, watch this BBC 5-Minute interview.


  1. Anonymous10:14 am

    in the name?
    i don't know,
    but i just get she hates soy milk,
    so think that why?
    cus i like it.
    she doesn't have to drink cus
    it's kind of expensive.
    that's why i buy it just one
    a year.

    i got the point, the indian tradition post, i mean people like to sing different way, and it's
    getting bigger, not only on internet though. right?

    is this what you wanna say?
    i understand it's good fuction on internet but also you know the negative side. i don't wanna talk
    about this cus, you know the negative view really covered for year whole media so im sure that
    nobody wants talk about it anymore.

    so, why this talk,
    what's this all about?

    you wanna be nice person when you
    grow up? so then, take it.

  2. Anonymous11:37 am

    ah, ravaj
    i forgot to say thanks.
    it's for yesterday.
    you didn't do anything,
    but i felt i wanna say that
    around 11am yesterday,

    when i was sitting on some kind of
    stone looking at leaves..etc.
    i know that you're good person.