Friday, March 11, 2005

delphine marcus

having struggled in vain trying to get rid of the current links on this page, it is time to say 'o poo' and go catch the last few words of my heroine delphine marcus on connecticut public radio. no pictures of her on their website, nor any information about her, her life, her work. she sounds like a sketch by victoria wood. what is her backstory? how wrong can i be?! is her accent too perfect? she speaks in a 1950's english radio accent, and with a vocabulary to match. 'jolly good!' could she be french? beware of creating backstories (my ears should hear what my mouth is saying). last year i was in a g/l cafe in london with a couple of friends having a drink downstairs. a chasid came down and passed us on his way to the bathroom. no kipa, but peyos and a beard. i pointed him out and wondered what he could be doing there. he couldn't be eating, because the place was obviously not glatt kosher. i wondered about his sad, closeted life; and how desperate he would have to be to enter this place. he went back upstairs. rachel went up to order our supper and came back to tell me that he was sitting at a table up there talking to a man and if i went up to look at the desserts i could sneak a peek at him. so i did. then i thought what the hell i am leaving the country tomorrow why don't i just talk to him. i go up to his table and say "excuse me ..." and he says, "yes, i am jewish!" i had kind of figured that out of course. anyway, the short of it is that he is a grandfather, he is out, and the gentleman with whom he was speaking is his partner of several years, an ex-jesuit priest. after a long conversation, during which we discovered several people we both knew, he asked me for what kind of wife was i searching, and said that he would be happy to make a shidduch for me! "but i am leaving the country tomorrow!" i exclaimed.

like i said, beware of creating backstories (my ears should hear ...)

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