Saturday, March 12, 2005

piglet chrysler

2005 piglet chrysler
Originally uploaded by ravaj.
the first piglet pic i've published on the web, and the most recently taken. higiya haz'man the time has come the time is now. what i love about this one is the lamp-post peeking in top right as well, of course, as the chrysler building my all-time favourite. i used to say that if i were in the sad position of being eligible for the make-a-wish foundation then i would ask to see the inside of the roof and i definitely would like to see that one day but if i get to make a wish i'd rather do something like jump through a plate-glass window (a sugar window for real with the sound effects added on and then film it for playing on my i-book). i have long had the feeling that the sound of much glass breaking (say, the entire wall of windows at one end of grand central station) would be cathartic and yes i am working on this with a qualified therapist :-)

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