Tuesday, March 15, 2005

piglet blarney

piglet blarney
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I cannot believe that this picture was taken fifteen years ago. i'd just passed my driving test and decided that i needed a holiday and the only way i could afford it would be to cover the england b football match against the republic in cork ... 2 qpr players were in the squad and so getting the pix in the programme would cover the cost of the trip. i just rooted out the travel diary from then. here's a bit about the first time i ever drove solo:

"i got a car i got a car HURRAH! (she got a car). a blue ford fiesta. With a choke (a what? took me 15 minutes to find it). now i understand why you should've been driving for at least a year (ed: before being allowed to rent a car).

so i got in the car, started it, they'd left it in gear so i hit the kerb ... secretly sure they knew i'd only just passed and were watching through the office window. i did the mature thing and banged my head against the steering wheel. i found the manual. i switched off the rear wipers. i found the choke YAAAAAY. but what do you do with it? so i went back and said it must've been freezing last night and the car was cold and if it were my car i'd be tough on it but cos it wasn't would they start it so they did and off i went!"

plus ca change, eh.

but this post is about the piglet pic ... what does the diary say about blarney castle?

re kissing the blarney stone: "you really have to hang down backwards with the little old man holding your waist and legs. It's not REALLY dangerous cos there are a couple of metal bars to stop you falling 80 feet but being upside-down with no glasses on and the stone being that little bit further than you think it's kinda nerve-wracking"

the hand you see belongs to an unfortunate woman named laura who wove in and out of the story of the trip.

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